Welcome ye to the Spellhawks Campaign Setting ! A space fantasy adventure with Psionics, Magic, and Super-Science!
The Great Verse is a vast cosmos of Nine star systems and planes interconnected through the woven strands of psionic and magic forces. They are The NIne Mid-Rim Realms.
The Elryia Empire Is the First Realm. Vast metropolis of Aliens, and races. psionics and Super-science Technology have adapted converged into A Shard-Light cities of wonders.
magic has been outlawed here, and they continually plot and mettle in the affairs of other Realms.
On the outer Fringes of The Great Verse an untamed armada of Pirates, freebooters, and Smugglers sail The Alaxia sea on Riftjammer Galleons. They call themselves Spellhawks!!


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